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Sonoma County and Santa Rosa have roadmaps to go from a new beginning to a safe and efficient house. The maps are called regulations and they aren’t that hard to follow. We’ll work out the shortcuts and best routes on this forum.

Coffey Park

Coffey Park deserves a fast, efficient building effort to get 1,300 homes created for the people who lived their before. Renters and owners alike deserve the chance to bring their neighborhoods back to life.


People have stepped up powerfully after the fire. In the immediate aftermath, shelter, food, and comfort flowed from the community. Now, it’s neighbors leading neighbors into the building of new homes. Block captains, neighborhood coordinators, and the guy who knows a guy are stepping up to lead.


This category is a parent category for Neighborhoods. There should be no topics here other than general ones describing how to request to have a neighborhood be set up. (This message should probably be edited as those procedures are put in place.)